When life gives you a curve ball...SWING!

Warning ⚠️: this is not grammatically correct ! There are many spelling and punctuation errors lol ⚠️ 

Hi guys! Welcome to my First blog post =0! In this blog I wanted to talk about my journey on how I ended up where I am today in the beauty industry. So lets start from the beginning...

Growing up I had always watched my mom do the same thing everyday; grab her table tray and her little table mirror bring it into the living room, and sit and do her makeup. She would NEVER leave the house without her full face on. By never I mean NEVER. Even when she would go to the grocery store or go get gas she always had her makeup on. Let's not forget about her hair. She would curl that everyday as well. Being one of my biggest influencers, I remember being quite on the young side (back then) when I got my first things of makeup. Black liner (only on the bottom rim), powder, and bronzer were some of my favorite things, all drug store of course! I started wearing makeup in grammar school probrably starting around the 5th grade because I loved it. 

Entering highschool I got my first MAC products and I can't even tell you how much money I spent their growing up. That was pretty much all I wore. As time went on, my skills got a little better as well as my makeup collection. My friends would always come to my house to get ready because I had all the good stuff. Fast forward to when it was my time to decide what I needed to do with my life (my senior year), the makeup industry wasn't really in the spot light. Instagram wasn't a thing yet either. I didn't really know what I wanted to do (as most Seniors don't) so I was pretty much forced to go to college. There were no other options for me. So I did......... 

I decided to major in Business Managament and minor in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism. I went to LSU my first year of college and then transferred for the remainder to UNO. When I moved back from LSU I started working at Snap Fitness. From working here a few things happened... I found fitness as my number one love in life and I found a life long true friend who became one of the first persons to open my eyes to my ... Talent and Passion... She became the first person I ever did makeup on beside myself. She believed in me and my talent and always wanted me to doll her up before a big event! Almost 10 years later I still Glam her up for her special occasions :). 

As the years passed I finished college graduating with my Bachelors and just doing a few friends makeup here and there for fun and for free. I found my first "big girl job" working in Administration or should I say it found me because I didn't necessary apply for this job. I applied to about 100 jobs on craigslist and choose this one because it was the first one that came along. I loved it,...... at first..... I don't think it was the job that I loved though. It was the people. One I got to work with my sister and two I also met another life long true friend that I shared an office with and got closer to everyday. I was also able to go to the gym on my lunch break which literally got me through my days there.... especially toward the end. I worked there for a good 4 years. During this time I started a new relationship with the man who I am still currently with. That also had a lot to do with my happiness. I was in Love and didn't really care about what I was doing day to day. It paid the bills and I was making a decent amount so I just rolled with it.

Three or four years later it is now 2015 , I've been with my boo for 4 years now , and I am now 26, watching other peoples lives on you tube was my past time at work, and still going to the gym everyday. 

I think something happens when you enter your "late twenties" you start thinking about life. When you want to get married, have kids, what makes you happy, etc.... I started getting antsy. I needed something, I needed to GROW and I needed a CHANGE. My boyfriend introduced me to the outdoors lifestyle of hunting and fishing and mudriding and frogging a few years before and i obviously love it! He brought me into his world and it became a hobby we were able to do thogether. With my mind racing I had the idea of starting a you tube/ ig about a couple who did outdoor stuff together. We raced out got cameras , a computer, go pros, the works! It was great we were both excited it brought us closer together and it was game on... However there was a problem. I worked 5 days a week Mon - Fri 8-5 and at the time he worked 14 days home 14 days away. So in reality we had 4 complete days off together a month. I only had so much vacation time to use. So I missed out on a lot of the hunting and fishing. When I was off and it was his days working I couldn't go hunt or fish by myself like he could. I can't drive a boat :/. Long story short, I was still stuck here with that feeling of missing something that I could call my OWN. That I could do on my own time that I was passionate about (beside working out) . 

I started feeling like my SOUL was dying. I started becoming so negative just bitching about work everyday and complaining. My friend /mother figure that I worked with everyday got me into audio books. I started with the self help books which really started motivating me. I began focusing on my inner self and began trying to find my purpose in life. All of this lead to me deciding to teach myself Speical Effects makeup. Don't exactly know how I needed up here beside my love for makeup and for the dark twisted horror stuff.! I trusted the process and  I told myself by halloween in 2015 I want to be booked for makeup. Well when you put it into the universe and work at it , things happen, doors open and sure enough I was booked up! From just posting my first few pictures I did on myself on Facebook. =0

That was a wrap after that. I found it! I found what set my soul on fire, what made me feel accomplished, what I could call my own.... So I made my mind up I decided to go to COSMETOLOGY school. With the support of my boyfriend to pursue this career , I turned 27 and started Paul Mitchell in January 2016! You may be thinking hair, Renata you don't do hair! Well your right I didn't know anything about hair when I started. However, I knew I wanted to be more than just a makeup artist. I wanted to offer a full service to my clients. If I was going to do this for real I was going to do it all! 

I graduated! June 2017! 

I have been fully in the industry since September 2016 when I quit my part time admin job to go work at Hair Loft Studio. From school to work everyday I was surrounded by people in the industry making magic. 

THIS is where I belong ! My life led me here and this is where I am meant to be. 

I can honestly say my passion and purpose found me , I didn't find it ... August 2017 and I am officially a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Moral to this story is when life throws you a curve ball that feels right and that you think you can hit out the park regardless of how crazy it was thrown, Swing !!! Don't wait for the next perfect pitch because it may not come... 

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned for more ! 


Be you and Stay true,

Renata Marie 

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