(Subject to change)

Makeup Applications: (These prices do not reflect Bridal Prices)

Glam Full Service Makeup Application (with/without lashes): $85.00

Just the eyes, brows, lashes: $45.00

Face only: $35.00

False lash application: $10.00 + price of lashes 

Special Effects makeup/ Face Painting: depends on detail of look typically starting at $133 

Available for touch-up artistry services through out the event: $85.00/hr

Hair Services: (pricing is starting prices)

Gloss will be added to every blonding service / most WILL require a root tap as well (every extra bowl of lightener is 11$)





Baby lights Full: $177+

Half baby light (whole front , nape of neck, top back): $141+ 

Partial baby lights (hairline/ above eyebrows front & back): $100+ 

Partial baby light + face frame: $117+

Face frame refresh/babylights(front hairline): $45+ (+ $10 if toner needed)


 Teasylights aka Foilayage 

Teasy lights (foilayge)full : $127+

Root color + Teasylights: $187+ 

Partial Teasylight (half back + full front of head): $87+

Half Teasylight (whole front/nape of neck/hairline/ top back): $107+

My Signature technique of Full Babylights (include money pieces) + Teasylights (foilayage): starts at $133 

Balayage aka Open air Hair Painting

Full Balayage/hair painting: $140+ 

Partial Balayage: $87+

Face Frame Bally: $40+

Reverse Balayage full: $80+

Reverse Balayage Half: $45

White Out 

Full Head of foils (lightener): 203+ 

Full head of lightener (no foils): $177+

Root touch up ( every 4-6 weeks tops)/fantasy color: $77+

White out Toner: $ 57

Basic Highlights (no toner)

Partial Highlight: $51+

Half Highlight(full front/half back): $61+

Full Highlight: $110+

Toners + Lowlights

Toner/gloss: $37+ (for 4 ounces)(thick long hair will require more $47, $57)

Root tap/ smudge/ melt : $23+ (thick hair will require more: $32)

Lowlight: $15+

Paint between root: $43+

Global Gloss refresh and style: $57+

Global Gloss refresh + root +style: $77+


Color Touchups + Grey Coverage

Root Touch up: $67+ (for 1inch grow out / +$more if roots are more than 1 inch)(include blow-dry+ style)(+10 additional 1 oz of color)

Global Color: $119+ (depending on length and density of hair +10 for each extra bowl/oz over 4oz) (include blow-dry)

Blowouts + Treatments

Blowout (wash+blowdry+thermal style): $45+

Conditioning Treatment: $20+ blowdry/ (included with all blonding services)

GK Keratin Treatment Express/ Full: $237

Color Corrections / transitions / etc: $75 /hr (be prepared to sit 4-8 hours)


Women's Haircut/Blowdry: $50+

Women's dry Cut: $27

Men's Fade/ Taper: $30+ 

Child <11: $15+

Child btw 12-17: $30 (if the child takes the regular time slot as an adult they will be charged as an adult)


Special Occasion Styles

Special Occasion UpDo/ half up style+curls: $47 (no wash)

Special Occasion UpDo: $57

Thermal Style (no wash): $30+

Extensions Services:

TapeIn Consultation: $0

TapeIn Installation: $87/ per pack (blending included)

TapeIn Custom DryCut: $15

TapeIn Custom Color/Toner or shadow root: starting at $35+/$20

TapeIn Uninstall/cleaning, retaping: $11+ a pack

Hand Tied beaded wefts consult: $o

Hand tied beaded wefts Full install : $120 a row ( normally 2 rows needed for length 1 for volume)

Custom color: same as tape

Hand Tied Move Up: btw 5-7 weeks (1 time) $50 a row

Hand tied Uninstall: $10/ per row 

Hair Tinsel:

$2.00 a strand (one strand is actually 2)

Hair Tinsel Parties: Contract me :)

Glitter Bar:

Have a glitter bar at your next party or event ! Contact me today!!

Custom Glitter Mixes can be done also all Holiday Glitter Mixes found on